[PHP-ES] Unsetting vars when not needed?

From: Jordi Canals (jcanals(EN)
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 14:20:47 CET

Hi all,

I was working now in a new site developed with PHP 5.0.2 and a wonder
came to me:

Is usefull and recommended to unset a class instance when not needed?

Specially when the class was instantiated inside a function and the
function ends. In this case, the system should automatically destroy
the instance (as it is a local var inside a function).

If we manually unset the instance at the end of the function, does
this affect the PHP performance? I mean, will PHP have to do an extra
job unsetting the var?

Also, the same question arises with database results. Is it worth to
call mysql_free_result at the end of a function that uses it? Must
take into consideration that there are lots of functions that use lots
of MySQL results.

Thanks for any comment

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