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Hola a todos, quiero hacer algo como mandar un query a un arry, en la
clausula where eso se puede, creen que existe otra forma de hacerlo.
Seria algo como esto.


//So here start the really hard work, this is a really, lib, for
//get how many are there pending for be check by the doctor.

//That's it..

//A simple SQL, Connection

//So we have to make and array, for get all the clients, taht this
doctor have to attend...

//This query is for get, what client work with the login doctor...
//By the way, we make a array, for consult the order table...
$sql='SELECT * FROM `clientdoctor` WHERE `doctorid` ="'.$doctorid.'"';

//Then, we have to get all the client id of the people(clients) and
put them in an array...

        for($i=0;$i < $how_many_clients;$i++)

//Well Done, we got the array, so let us try if we can run another
query where the WHERE condition is executable into and

                        $sql1='SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE `clientid`="'.$arr_clients.'"
and `status`="N"';


Si ven en la sentencia $sql1, quiero meter por clausula un array, eso
se puede???? Como podria hacerse algo similar...

Gracias por las ideas

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